Contour vs. Preflat Diaper

Contour vs. Preflat 

Why choose a Contour or Preflat Cloth Diaper at Two Little Plines?!

A Contour offers minimal folding, while offering 360° coverage and an easy leg seal.

A Preflat requires a bit more folding while still being a very simple solution, while still offering 360° coverage and a good leg seal.

Approximate Weight Ranges:

Premie 4 to 12 pounds

Newborn 6 to 20 pounds

One Size 10 to 35 pounds

Toddler 25 to 60 pounds

You may choose a separate or sewn-in booster

Both Contours and Preflats have customizable booster options. You have the option to choose a separate or sewn - in booster

A contour comes with a 3-layer snake booster, which is the equivalent absorbency as a preflat with a standard booster. If you think your child needs more absorbency, upgrading your preflat to a snake booster in recommended.

Our cloth diapers are hand crafted with the softest blend of Bamboo and Cotton French Terry, to ensure comfort for your child.